Send us some photos of your teeth, dental x-rays and all the information about your dental issues. Our team of doctors will discuss your case and prepare the best possible treatment plan and inform you about the estimated cost and duration of the treatment.



Once you have taken a decision regarding your dental treatment, simply let us know about a suitable date for it so we an check against the schedule of our dental clinics. Once we have availability confirmation on your consultations you can start looking for flights and hotel, otherwise we may also help you with economic flight and hotel options if you like. Please se our recomendations on hotels either in Albufeira and Vilamoura.

3. treatment time

Although we already know what dental treatment you have chosen, we will take an up-to-date digital 3D X-ray to help our dentists plan your dental treatment with accuracy. Then we will explain all the procedures to you, as well as answering any questions you may have about your dental treatment, and proposing advice on it. A final treatment plan and quotation is then made up. Our team of doctors will perform all necessary interventions in accordance with the treatment plan in the shortest time possible.

4. payment

After each treatment session you’ll be presented with an updated payment sheet detailing the treatment you’ve had and it’s cost. The payment is in Euros and we also accept Visa and MasterCard.


5. free time

In the time between the sessions of your treatment you will have a chance to explore the beauties of the Algarve from its mountainous landscapes to its beautiful coastline. We are happy to give you information on must-see sights.


6. last control

After completing your treatment, we will perform a last check up to make sure that everything is perfect according to Previdente health standards. We will also give you advice on how to look after your new teeth.


7. routine controls and care

To make sure that your new teeth last for many years to come, you must do your dental check-up and cleaning once every 6 months. We will be glad to do these at our clinics but you may also do the routine procedures back home at your local dental clinic. We can contact your local dentist and give any details he might need.


8. treatment guarantee

Your dental treatment with Previdente is fully guaranteed, and in the improbable case that you should ever have any problems whatsoever you can return and we’ll take a look, repair or replace if necessary, however you will have to pay for the flights and accommodation if needed.