Treatment team

dr. sérgio pereira

Dr. Sérgio Pereira


Dr. Sérgio Pereira is the founder of Previdente and the actual Clinical Director. He has a degree in Dentistry from the Faculty of Odontology (IMES) which he concluded in 1990. Dr. Sérgio has the title of specialist in Oral Surgery having completed several post graduations.

Dr. Sérgio Pereira is scientific consultant in Europe for the Neodent company on osseointegrated implants as well as an active contributor on dentistry articles to various medical publications (Dentalpro, Portugal Dentistry, Dentistry Brazil), and lecturer in seminars and conferences on regular basis.    

dr. vilas boas

Dr. Vilas Boas


Dr. Carla Vilas Boas graduated in Dentistry from Fernando Pessoa University – Porto in 2006. After her graduation she attended several courses related with prosthetics, orthodontics, oral surgery and Implantology. Regarding Implantology Dr. Carla attended several training courses, among them - Course of Oral Surgery and Implantology from the National  Center “Dr. Hermin Valdez Dominguez – Cuba in 2007; Implantology and Bone Graft Course from Misch International Implant Institute – USA in 2009; Clinical Course of Implantology Dr. Marius Steinman from U.M.F. Neumarkt – Germany in 2010; Post Graduation in Oral Implantology from CESPU – Gandra in 2017.

Dra. Carla also possess deep knowledge on working with CEREC – Sirona system.

luciano rosa

Nuno Baleizão


Specialized Training in Dental Prosthetics from the University of São Paulo – Brazil in 1997.

Master in Ceramics in 2004 – Paulo Kano Institute

Advance knowledge in Digital Aesthetics Planning and Solutions.

Responsible for Laboratory production and product quality control.

Professional Photographer in the Product Marketing Branch between 1984 and 1996.