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dr. vilas boas

Dr. Vilas Boas


Dr. Carla Vilas Boas graduated in Dentistry from Fernando Pessoa University – Porto in 2006. After her graduation she attended several courses related with prosthetics, orthodontics, oral surgery and Implantology. Regarding Implantology Dr. Carla attended several training courses, among them - Course of Oral Surgery and Implantology from the National  Center “Dr. Hermin Valdez Dominguez – Cuba in 2007; Implantology and Bone Graft Course from Misch International Implant Institute – USA in 2009; Clinical Course of Implantology Dr. Marius Steinman from U.M.F. Neumarkt – Germany in 2010; Post Graduation in Oral Implantology from CESPU – Gandra in 2017.

Dra. Carla also possess deep knowledge on working with CEREC – Sirona system.

luciano rosa

Nuno Baleizão


Specialized Training in Dental Prosthetics from the University of São Paulo – Brazil in 1997.

Master in Ceramics in 2004 – Paulo Kano Institute

Advance knowledge in Digital Aesthetics Planning and Solutions.

Responsible for Laboratory production and product quality control.

Professional Photographer in the Product Marketing Branch between 1984 and 1996.